Chaffee County Emergency Management


What is the OEM
The Chaffee County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) plans, coordinates and supports a wide-range of activities that help prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and large-scale emergencies, while also reducing vulnerabilities to hazards.

In Chaffee County, the Office of Emergency Management is a department within the county government that also serves the local municipalities, and special districts throughout the county.  The OEM works very closely with the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and coordinates all efforts that require state and federal assistance.

What is the EOC

An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a command and control facility from which local governments can provide interagency coordination and executive decision making in support of incident response and recovery operations.

The purpose of the EOC is to provide a centralized location where public safety, emergency response, and support agencies coordinate planning, preparedness, and response activities.

The EOC is responsible for the strategic overview, or "big picture", of the disaster, and does not directly control field assets.  Instead, the Emergency Support Functions (ESF's) make operational decisions and leave tactical decisions to the on-scene Incident Commander.

The common functions of all EOC's are to:

• Make decisions that protect life and property and disseminate those decisions      to all concerned agencies and individuals
• Set priorities and give guidance to Incident Management Teams
• Collect gather and analyze data
• Maintain continuity of government within the scope of applicable laws
• Manage, prioritize and procure resource requests
• Issue public information during disasters

Damage Assessment Plan & Debris Management Plan

The Damage Assessment Plan and  Debris Management Plan were approved by the Board of Commissioners on March 20, 2018

Damage Assessment Plan - The Chaffee County Office of Emergency Management promulgates the Damage Assessment Plan to provide a standard methodology, process, formulas and forms for conducting damage assessment as part of a larger recovery effort.  This information has been captured from the FEMA and State Guidelines.

Debris Management Plan - This plan describes procedures to be followed during the removal of debris resulting from natural and technological disasters or other major incidents. This plan was developed, promulgated, and maintained under State and Federal Regulations. 

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