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16550 Hwy 285
Salida, CO  81201


Monday - Saturday
8am - 4pm

No trailers or large loads,
including commercial waste
haulers, after 3:30pm
Must be unloaded by 4pm


Landfill Fees

Chaffee County Landfill Weight Charges           Effective 08/01/2017

The Landfill accepts credit cards for charges of $10.00 or more.  Processing fees applies: $0 to $50.00 is $2.00; $51.00 to $100 is $2.50; and $2.50 for each additional $100.00.

Price Categories                                                                                            
In-County is trash generated in Chaffee County                                       
Out-of-County is trash hauled from other counties.

Compacted Trash
$38.25/ton in-County, $90.00/Cubic Yard out-of-County                                       

Loose Trash
$40.00/ton in-County, $45.00/Cubic Yard out-of-County                                        

By Ton: $49.00 in-County; $45.00/Cubic Yard out-of-County                                  change                                                          

Asphalt Shingles
 $49.00/ton in-County, $59.00/ton out-of-County                                          Combine with Construction

$27.00/ton in-County, $75.00/Cubic Yard out-of-County      

Grease Trap & Oil                                                                                               DO NOT ACCEPT

Tires (No Rims): 
Auto: $1.50 to $7.00 each in-County, $11.50 each out-of-County                               
Truck : $20.00 each in-County, $30.00 each out-of-County                          Truck & tractor

Tires from shops:  
DO NOT ACCEPT OUT-OF-COUNTY                                                                DO NOT ACCEPT
(Contact Shannon at 719-207-1485 regarding fee change on tires)

Tires (w/Rims):
Auto: $1.50 to $7.00 each in-County, $16 each out-of-County                                     
Truck: The Landfill cannot accept large tires with the rims.

Vehicle: $3.00 each in-County, $13.00 each out-of-County                           
Solar Energy: $5.00 each in-County, $15.00 each out-of-County
Heavy Equipment: $5.00 each in-County, $15.00 each out-of-County

Small: $5.00 each in-County, $15.00 each out-of-County
Large: $10.00 each in-County, $20.00 each out-of-County

Yard Waste rates may apply.  The Landfill has a designated area for dumping brush.  The load must have only brush - no construction.  In mid-summer when the brush is chipped, the public can take the chips at no charge. 

Clean Fill Dirt:
$3.00/cubic yard in-County; No Out-of-County                                            

Construction Dirt/Yard Waste by ton:
$26.00/ton in-County; No Out-of-County                                                       

Household /Yard/Construction by Yard:$12.75/yard or $2.00 per bag as explained below *; $45.00/Cubic Yard out-of-County

$5.00 each in-County or out-of-County

Yard Waste by Ton (weighed):
see Construction Dirt rates                                               

E-Waste (electronic waste):
$.50/pound for E-Waste, includes keyboards, DVD & VCR players/recorders, video monitors, cellphones with monitors, printers, copiers, minimum of $10.00
TV and monitors <30 "  $20.00 each 
TV and monitors +30"   $40.00 each
TV and monitors Flat Screens  $20.00                                   

Applicances as Listed:
Stoves, Water Heaters, Washers, Dryers: $10.00 in County, $20.00 each out of County

Also Accepted:
Empty propane tanks (small green) from BBQ grills. 

Minimum Fee - $10.00 in County; $20.00 Out-of-County.

*The County Waste Disposal accepts household trash at $2.00 per bag up to 5 bags; 6 or more at MINIMUM FEE.

• No hazardous materials accepted at this landfill
• No hot/smoldering trash accepted
• No refrigerators, freezers or units with freon
• No automobiles accepted
• No asphalt/pavement
• No computers, copiers, monitors or printers
• No rummaging

Pipe and Wire
Must be cut to 8 ft. or smaller

Right to Refuse
Chaffee County reserves the right to refuse any or all trash

Customer Proof of Residency Policy

In-County Customers:
Acceptable proof can be in the form of a driver's license or photo identification card.

Out-of-County Customers who own property in Chaffee County:
Acceptable proof can be in the form of a driver's license or photo identification card and a property ownership document from the county treasurer's office.

All Other Customers:
Prices will be at the out-of-county rates for dumping.

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